Built Environment

I began my career practicing architecture; my skills in drawing the built environment and graphic sensibilities are useful in many arenas, from product to fundraisers to organizing a sketching events.   Below, ideas for each of these categories.


Raising Funds for a Cause

Organizations such as preservation groups or historic sites need capitol to save and maintain the buildings.  What better way than through the sale of prints, postcards and other product?  Images of the buildings or a historical event can be licensed for use in products or for invitations to fundraisers.  Contact me to proceed!

All six Jantzen Carousel horses (Roman Horse, right) can be purchased on product through RedBubble by clicking on product, below, or in my print shop.

Jantzen Carousel Horse

Jantzen Carousel Horse



NW Portland Industrial Refuge



Anyone can sketch anywhere, but a guide can sometimes go behind the scenes, point out details, create a class, and tell the stories of the place sketched.  The memory of place can be preserved in a watercolor/ink/pencil sketch.  Art does more than simply capture the image; it provides an interpretation of the built environment through the eyes of the artist.  I work from overall building/room sketches to details.  Details capture places, making them special.

Need a guide for a sketching tour of Portland?  Would you like to raise money for a local museum? 
Need an interesting cover for a visual memory of a trip for the cover of a travel photo album? 

Contact me.

Portfolio of my Mark-making, below.