Mixing Ink + Watercolors

Trishna Closes

When I turned to watercolors I also revived my ink skills.
I pulled out old fountain pens (missing parts) and Rapidograph pens (technical pens not great for sketching) and became addicted to new colorful shiny fountain pens.
*seriously i have a problem*

*ooooh, the ink colors they have now!*
I buy small samples of inks from Goulet.
*if i develop an addiction for full-sized bottles
in every color it will end up in the poorhouse*

I began painting with them right away... but while
tutorials on watercolors and good online classes were abundant,
nobody was working with inks.

The downsides to inks are:
Are the inks colorfast?  Not necessarily...
*i am creating tests now in the summer sun*
All inks are not the same formulas --
how will your ink mix with the watercolors you love?
*experimentation is fun... and i can help here*

The upsides are wonderful:
Transparent permanent layers under watercolor
(grisaille, brunaille, grisaille, more);
brilliant colors that are juicy and pop!

Currently I use them exclusively for journal work or reproduction work.
This class will explore the techniques I've learned while making marks!
Fast tricks to save you time even in plein air!
Layering, drawing down, edges, waterbrushes, amazing inks I love...

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