I create journals daily of our lives, both inner and outer; events make for wonderful journals.   Travel journals are particularly fun to make, and I find I remember much more if I stop to sketch a memory than if I just click pics.  Have a group that is about to travel together?  I can teach a lively class on art journaling for travelers!

Similar to reportage, painting memories is an intimate collaboration when doing it for another individual.  It can be a book, or a few inserts or cover for your photo album.  You provide words and pictures, and I create the art.  Or I create the art and you add your words to in your own handwriting. 

Or I can teach you how!

Family Keepsakes

Family keepsakes sometimes can't be kept, or have to be split between family members. 
Then there is the question of how to tell the story?  Provenance is important...
One way is to have the objects drawn, leaving space for the story to accompany.

Below, samples of a project I'm creating in a Bright Ideas book. 
After drawing and telling the stories and memories of our family keepsakes, I'm finding it easier to let go!

Mimi's Ranch

Personal Places

The memory of place can be preserved in a watercolor sketch instead of a photo-shopped version of a worn photo. These make surprising gifts, and can be reproduced so many family members can benefit. Create a frame-able image, or use one for the cover of family albums, cards, or other events.

My fees depend upon the scope of work (line drawings or watercolors), the involvement of participants, and the lead time.  A price break is given for several items at once.  Contact me to start a dialogue.

Stepping Back in Time in Santa Paula, California

Stepping back in time in Santa Paula, California: Faye's Chili Hut as it might have looked!


Memory or Travel Books

This is a sample of one of my memory books from a "stay-cation" where Mitchell and I stuck around Portland for a personal creative project.  We worked over coffee and food, wrote together, and took lovely walks.  Our beloved Jai was not doing well, and we stuck close for him.  I start my journals with a blank image, above, leaving space around the pen and ink drawing; later I wrote a bit about the day.