Portraits + Reportage



Dr. Qin, Golden Needle Acupunture

People doing the things they love.
Pets with soulfull quirky funny personalities.
Reportage of an event.
I want my images to tell the story of a moment in time.

I generally work in a combination of ink and watercolor, but also mix it up with shellac, colored pencils, and markers.  My style is sketchy, interpretive, emotional, colorful, graphic, fluid.

Below, sneak a peek at my desk and the transformation of photo to painting.

My fees depend upon the nature and scope of the work, the involvement of participants, and the lead time.  I would love to talk to you about your project.
Contact me to start a dialogue.

Sketching during an event is fun, but I like taking images of people
during the event and creating watercolors from them later.
In this case most of the images were taken by Drew Nasto,
another Restore Oregon member, and he graciously allowed me to use them.
These images were used the following year in their invitation for their fundraiser.

Restore Oregon Celebration Reportage

Restore Oregon Celebration Reportage

Portfolio of my Mark-making, below.