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I've lived several creative lives... separate but connected.

First Life as an architectural designer with my own business in Venice and Malibu.  LaLaLand was home, with palms, eucalyptus, coral trees, endless beaches, a thriving art colony, and opportunity.  Home was good to me.  I loved teaching at UCLA and Long Beach State, as it was known then.  But I was tired of skyscrapers and traffic, and wanted to move back to a small town like Laguna...



Second Life was writing and painting in the country. 

My first studio was in the trees, my second in the middle of horses and cattle. Being grounded on golden grasslands served me better, a home away from beach home.  Journaling daily, sketching daily, making marks in a whole different manner.  I loved Oregon colors, different from the watery brilliance of Southern California.  I expanded into large acrylics, mixed media, and oils on canvas and paper, then apprenticed paper-making with the amazing Marilyn Wold.  I stepped off the page! 

I also created a jewelry line...


Third Life, back in the city.

Taking our conservation business to a different place, in a wonderful studio in the NW Industrial Sanctuary.  Oil paints and shellac daily as I preserved and restored traditional finished in our business.  I tired of moving a large painting easel and canvases and tubs of paint to accommodate sofas and tables and chairs... Sadly, I packed up my paints.

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Fourth Life, I moved to watercolors, and my creative life changed again.

Watercolors are the Zennie medium: skill and mindfulness helps, but ultimately uncontrollable, like life. My lovely "studio" is a row of desks overlooking the Willamette River and the Northwest Hills, tucked into the same room with Mitchell... I can drop into painting at any time.  Watercolors, inks, fountain pens, paper, shellac and now, cold wax on paper...  My muse guides my creative process. 

Again, life encompasses teaching creative arts, drawing buildings (urban sketching), journaling daily, writing books, preserving objects, making memories.  I've added commissions and illustrative work.

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